Will Hodgskiss raises over $6000.00 for Childline in London, England Marathon

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Dear London Marathon supporters and friends,
As anyone who knows me will attest, if I do something well, I make sure everyone knows it. So I think it is only just that when I fall short of doing something well I should share that too.
To begin, there is only one thing more boring than watching a marathon. That is listening to someone talk about it. With that in mind, I wish to offer a bit of insight into how a marathon works from my point of view. After that, I promise that I am done milking this and I will not bother you again (unless you are foolish enough to bring the topic up first).
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The nice thing about running a marathon if indeed there is a nice thing about running one is that it affords the athlete plenty of time to make up good excuses for a poor performance. In my instance in London, I had over an extra hour to make up excuses because at 5:03:26, I ran over an hour slower than my previous worst time (out of four marathons). The reasons for my disappointing finish…..okay excuses for it (get ready) are: 1) Because the ligament I tore the month prior, interrupted my training and facilitated a world-class, life-threatening cramp when 1b) I was forced to favour my bad knee at the 16 mile point, 2) I took all corners wide, 3) I became delirious and zig zagged the last 10 miles thus running two marathons, 4) I was tripped. The last three are mild exaggerations.
The race itself, believe it or not, was overall a great experience. I passed three Kenyans and an Ethiopian. The ambiance, the crowd, and afterward friends helped  me feel like royalty and us, that means most of you reading this, generated over $6000.00 for the children’s cause! Thank you for that. Special thanks to my friend and trainer, John Reid who helped me so much.


42.09 km


3,016 C


Heart Rate

147 bpm

Avg HR

180 bpm

Max HR





Moving Time


Elapsed Time

7:13 min/km

Avg Pace

7:09 min/km

Avg Moving Pace

0:18 min/km

Best Pace

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