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Today’s fast paced corporate climate has created a new and exciting way for marketing your product or service to potential clients!  Experiential Marketing creates an exciting and interactive environment for you to reach and relate to new marketplaces and customer demographics.  Today’s young buyers will spend over $100 Billion dollars this year and most will do so based on brand awareness created from live interactions!  Let Venture Truck Rentals help you connect with your target audience!

Venture Mobile Marketing Trucks can help bring your businesses marketing plan to the next level and differentiate you from your competitors.  In 2014 over 72% of Fortune 1000 companies were not only using, but had increased their focus and spending on experiential campaigns!  At Venture Truck Rentals we provide fully customized vehicles based on your needs, both as rentals and purchase options. More and more successful organizations are using experiential and interactive marketing models to get their brand out there.  Join them in utilizing the most successful form of client contact and reach that potential audience in an engaged and experiential way!

Call us to talk about the unique options we have to promote your brand.  The only limit is your imagination!

Why use experiential marketing?

Let's be honest, marketing of any kind costs money.  Smart companies therefore look at the “value” not just the “cost” when evaluating marketing strategies.  And Experiential Marketing has been proven to provide some of the best R.O.I (return on investment) of any strategy for a number of reasons.  In 2014, almost 90% of individuals polled claimed a more positive image and understanding of a company’s brand after a live event, and 96% of people indicated that they were likely to purchase after being involved in an experiential marketing campaign!  Let Venture Truck Rental help you capitalize on the most successful advertising medium possible!

Unlike traditional signage and billboards that are often seen by the same commuters over and over, E/M allows you to take your product/service to a wider range of geographic and demographic populations.   Those potential clients can see, touch, smell and experience your brand firsthand and you are there to expand on that experience with your “brand ambassadors” ensuring your message is consistently conveyed and understood. Equally important is the information your Brand Ambassadors are able to learn from both your existing and your potential clients.   This understanding and information cannot be gained through any other marketing medium as effectively as it can face to face, with an engaged and involved individual.

Whether it is a rolling classroom for training, a sampling truck or trailer or even a boat or double decker bus, we have the experience to make your dream a reality. This has proven to translate into long term customer loyalty and brand satisfaction.

As Canada’s largest renter/builder of experiential marketing vehicles, Venture Truck Rentals extensive knowledge and experienced staff will ensure you discover and experience the marketing solution to meet your needs.
We specialize in creative and unique products to help make your brand even more memorable. Venture services all of Canada and the continental United States. We can delivery and provide brand ambassadors to staff the vehicles on the road.   Please call us today to discuss your needs.  You will be pleased you did.

Our Advantages

Nuttella sampling trucks

Your product or service is unique and provides the reason customers will buy and stay loyal to you. With 26 years of experience in the industry we have experience in both the design and implementation of a wide range of vehicle modifications.   

Venture is the creator of the amazing “Cats Whiskers”, a proven way to differentiate your vehicle as well as dramatically increase visibility of your brand! Our decades of sales experience and industry knowledge helps us work with you or your agency on the best vehicle and design for your marketing message!  

With skilled tradesman along with decades of sales and marketing experience we work with our clients to provide the best of value and quality for your companies marketing needs.  We go the extra mile to make your business a success.

Venture marketing trucks

We have almost 30 years of experience, not only as manufacturers but also owning and operating these trucks ourselves.  As a result we make sure the truck is built to the highest standards the first time and will provide worry free service, allowing you to focus on those customers!   

We truly build the trucks, with virtually all fabricating, plumbing, wiring, gas fitting done on site allowing us to maintain the highest levels of control ensuring quality through every aspect of the build.  Our skilled and trusted crew of metal workers and trades people take as much pride in creating and building the truck as you will in using it.

mobile industrial kitchen

We have a skilled and trusted crew of metal workers and trades people who take as much pride in building the truck as you will using it.

Each truck is thoroughly and individually inspected before it leaves the shop to make sure everything works when you receive it. All trucks are inspected by the craftsmen (or women) and signed. Nothing leaves until it passes all our tests and quality assurance assessment. 

Every vehicle and every client vision is different, so our team gets to flex its creative muscle every day for our customers!  Almost every bracket, mount and installation requires the “custom” touch at the hands of our “metal masters” to ensure a perfect fit and function in everything we build.

digital menu on food trucks

Venture Truck Rental offers an unlimited level of custom options and can easily accommodate a variety of modifications you may need throughout the build. 

The ability to control all aspects of the creative and manufacturing components of the build internally allows us to accommodate those last minute changes you may require such as adding the LED screen or air conditioning later in the build process.  Developing an interactive and collaborative relationship with our clients allows us to work as one team, to create the perfect vehicle for your marketing dream! At Venture Truck Rental, we never see those change as problems, just opportunities to make sure you have the perfect truck when you drive away!


“We can't thank Willy, Niki and the whole Venture team enough for everything you all did to help us with our Shore Shack Food truck. All equipment and interior installation was set up perfectly. The creativity of the custom paint on the exterior of the truck appeals to our beach community in Rock away Beach, New York and most of all posses that "WOW" factor just like our food. Therefore I just wanted to let people know what class and quality this company portrayed throughout the entire building process. Sincerely, ”

John Xanthos and the entire Shore Shack team

“Venture provided constant updates on the state of productions, followed through to a tee on all build and design aspects and successfully delivered the vehicles to the respective markets, checked in on the status of vehicles throughout the program and arranged the delivery back to Ontario at program end.

We successfully served more than 12,000 smoothies in the (10) weeks of activation which lead to a 40% turnover to sales leads for telecommunications services in market. Venture was a key player in developing the program and ensuring the largest logistical element was self sufficient so our team could focus on the sales and marketing aspect.

Telus Marketing Truck


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We now manufacture in Napanee ON, conveniently located just off the 401 between Montreal and Toronto.  We are happy to meet you in our manufacturing facility, so please just give us a call!

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